Harvest moon band in field of wheat

About us

Don Cook (aka 'DB' or 'Devil Boy')

Six-string and twelve-string acoustic and electric guitars, bass, harmonica, vocals, control board/sound man

Don is a self-taught guitarist. He has been a church musician for over 16 years. He is our equipment man and does all the research for types of equipment to make us sound the best for you for over 10 years. Don is multi-talented and has been known to play the harmonica while working in his day job as the Furniture Medic.

Kay Schweiger (aka 'Evil Eye')

Bass, 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars, electric 6-string guitar, flute, vocals

Was HM really born in the mid-90’s and did we really use all that old equipment? I know we are blessed to have the combination of talent, fun and great equipment to work with. We’re not in it for the money – just the guitars!! And our friends and followers are the best!

Anne Behrens

Electric and acoustic 6-string guitar, bass, vocals

Anne joined Harvest Moon about 8 years ago as a vocalist and recently has been developing her "chops" on the bass and guitar/slide. She has been singing since she was a kid listening to her mom (who was a vocalist for a "big band") and in rock bands since college. She is also the band photographer and videographer.

Barry “Bear” Mayer

Six-string acoustic and electric guitars, bass, harmonica, vocals

Bear came to the band via Saints Alive, which he joined fall of 2012. One night he stayed after the “Saints” portion of rehearsal to hear some new Harvest Moon songs being worked up. One thing led to the next & within a few months he was sitting in as a guest player. His participation steadily became more regular & is now one of our integral members. Pardon the occasional county/bluegrass influence in his playing -- At least we got him to leave his banjo at home!

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Seth Bongiovanni

Our “roadies”

Seth has been helping set up and tear down our Bose systems and all equipment for our band for a few years. He attends college part-time, works full-time and we'll take his help anytime we can get it. Seth now has a 'promise' partner and her name is Brittney Cost. She is a full-time student at KU, is quite an athlete and oh so pretty! Harvest Moon Band enjoys Seth and Brittney's youth and muscle!

Channing Wolfe

Official Harvest Moon "band-aid"

Channing is our ever present, ever helping hand. Whether it's cool drinks on a 95 degree gig day, band & audience photos throughout our last season, or enthusiastic promotion of the band, we can count on him to be there for us. Occasionally, he even acts as our personal devil's advocate with challenging "how come" and "what if" questions. At-a-boy Channing; it's important to keep musician personalities centered and grounded as well as hydrated, photographed & promoted!